"In an alternate universe, "ice cream sandwich" designates an ice cream cone filled with bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes.
Chancemakers gain.1 CpS per mine.
The flavor text even makes a reference to a section of the song's lyrics: "We're up all night to get lucky." The flavor text of the debug upgrade "Ultrascience" ( "yeah, science!" ) may be a reference to a" said by Jesse Pinkman."Pushing alchemy to its most extreme limits, you find that everything is transmutable into anything else - lead to gold, mercury to water; more importantly, you realize that anything can -and should- be converted to cookies." 302 Beige goo 250.5 septillion Alchemy labs are.Your eggheads just found a way to transmute children's nightmares into rare metals!" 488 Public betterment 400 375 decillion Alchemy labs are twice bingo de comidas en ingles as efficient.The flavor text for the Ghostly biscuit upgrade "spooky scary skeletons will wake you with a boo" is a reference to the Andrew Gold song "Spooky Scary Skeletons" The Prism upgrade Pure Cosmic Light was the only main building final upgrade to not have."This is a complicated ritual involving silly, inconsequential trivialities such as cursed laxatives, century-old cacao, and an infant.361 Milk selector "Classic dairy selection" purchased Lets you pick what flavor of milk to display.The "Aqua crustulae" upgrade name means "Water of cookie" in Latin, although in proper grammar this would be "Aqua crustuli" or "Aqua crustulorum"."A nice priestess to praise the great Baker in the sky." 251 Witch grandmas 15 wizard towers and 1 grandma.5 billion Grandmas are twice as efficient.
What if, before and after it, stretched infinite amounts of the same universe, themselves containing infinite amounts of cookies?" 304 Cookietopian moments of maybe 250 7 octillion Time machines are twice as efficient.
On closer inspection however, you notice that its earrings (it's wearing earrings) are actually fully functional copies of itself, each of which also wearing their own cow earrings, and so on, infinitely.
Fractal engines gain.1 CpS per cursor.100 guaranteed!" 242 Great Baker in the sky 150 10 quadrillion Temples are twice as efficient."They're like tiny sugary burgers!" 204 Pistachio Macarons 500 billion cookies and "Box of macarons" purchased 10 trillion Cookie production multiplier.The name of the Time Machine upgrade "Quantum Conundrum" may be a reference to the game of the same name.Grandmas are 4 times as efficient."we rise again" 85 Festive biscuit "Season switcher" purchased."Stories have been circulating about the origins of the very first cookie that was ever baked; tales of how it all began, in the Dough beyond time and the Ovens of destiny." 299 Theocracy 250 10 sextillion Temples are twice as efficient.Or elven worse!" 161 Naughty list Grandmas are twice as productive."Counter-intuitively, grandmas have the uncanny ability to become more powerful the older they get." 192 when to hit and fold in blackjack Xtreme walkers 200 50 trillion Grandmas are twice as efficient."It turns out that our universe is actually the twisted dimension of another, saner plane of reality.Or it simply could be the fact that it is iron, commonly used in medieval devices.The description of certain research upgrades were changed to match how they really act.