The Anti-Christ : Exists for the sole purpose of destroying everything in the universe, his title is literally "the World Ender".
Associated Tropes Big Eater : The book eating the book written in ancient dragon language.
September 26, 2014 - Talk Like Pirate Day 2014, Part 2, at /hiddendepths.Lust: Lascivia, the Green 777 blackjack rules Dragon of Lust, kidnapped many people and attracted them with her enchantment magic, making them fall in love with her as a result, and created her own harem inside her lair.Laughably Evil : He's so over-the-top with his psychotic hamminess, it's hard to take him seriously.The Efreet The ruler of all Djinn in the Djinn Realm, The Efreet is the one who cast out Tibicenas long ago.Badass Boast : Valsarian gives one out before you fight him.Absurdly Youthful apuestas rugby amateur Father : He could be mistaken for Chilly's older brother rather than his father.Set comes with a 20 bonus to gold grenwog).April 01, 2016 - April Fools 2016, the April Fool's event for 2016 aqw3d).Sepulchure easily conquered the world and killed many people, so Galanoth set to make things right by slaying the Great Dragon of Time.
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Associated Tropes Killer Rabbit : When he puts on Sleezter Bunny's head during the April 2012 Friday the 13th event.
However, (s)he ends up having to sacrifice all of his/her personifications in order to enter the Chaos Gate.
The Hero then lampshades how crazy it sounds.
A band that travels the dimensions setting up shows and occasionally helping people.The Hero is ultimately revealed to be the very deity of their world, the Eternal Dragon of Time in human form.Friday the 13th March 13, 2009 - Skull Punch Island, the first live Friday the 13th event with Voltaire voltaire).Gluttony: Glutus, the Fire Dragon of Gluttony, has been known to have eaten people for years, and has been roasting dragonslayers with his fiery breath and cooking them above fires that they're being rotated above.Rebellious Princess : Subverted.Associated tropes: Big Good : In the Mirror Realm he is the ultimate force for good.The Magic Thief Conn Associated tropes: Rowan Associated tropes: Benet Associated tropes: Duchess Willa Associated tropes: Pettivox Associated tropes: One Eyed Doll Kimberly The lead guitarist and singer of One Eyed Doll, Kimberly is known for being hyperactive, energetic and all around crazy.Sam Associated Tropes John Associated Tropes One Steve Limit : There are 2 Johns from They Might Be Giants Joe Associated Tropes King Beat Associated Tropes They Might Be Giants John F Along with John L, he makes up one-half of the duo "They Might.Associated tropes: Body Snatcher : A rare heroic version.He truly is a force to be reckoned with.Associated tropes: Arch-Enemy : To Dage the Evil.Meaningful Name : See Bilingual Bonus above.Best exemplified by the Battle luckia apuestas Swimwear outfit.Breakout Character : He's become the face of the Friday the 13th events for the Artix Entertainment games to the point that he has his own card in the Battleon Battle Card Came.