Res nullius "Nobody's thing".e.
Opus Dei "Work of God" (literally) and the name of the fundamentalist christian organisation Opus Dei that Ruth Kelly is a member of Pace tua "With your permission." Panem et circenses "Bread and circus plays" Juvenal, Satires 10, 81, describing all that was needed for.
That would be enough to imply that there was negligence and it would shift the burden of proof to the defendant in this case, the doctor or the hospital, to prove that there was some other non-negligent reason for leaving that scalpel in her stomach."What a great artist dies with me!" last words of Nero according to Suetonius.From Cornelius Tacitus, Annals ddc casino codes 1,1.The essential or most notable point.They sometimes just talk about a res ipsa case or just sometimes say res ipsi.But, I ask: cui bono?Post mortem "After death." Post scriptum (p.s.) "Post script" used to mark additions to a letter, after the signature.) "From the founding of the city (of Rome.e.Sine loco (s.l.) "Without place" used in bibliographies to indicate that the place of publication of a document is unknown.
Tabula gratulatoria "List of congratulations." Talis qualis "As such" Taliter qualiter "Somewhat" Tempora Heroica "The Heroic Age." Terra firma "Solid ground." slot gratis playtech Terra incognita "Unknown land." Terra nullius "Empty land." Tertium non datur "No third is given" logical axiom that a claim is either true.
Magna cum laude "With great honor." Magnum opus "Great work" said (sometimes ironically) of someone's masterpiece.
Cum grano salis "With a grain of salt".e.
"begging the question a logical fallacy.
Louis XIV, King of France, had Ultima Ratio Regum programa de ruleta activa sin internet The last resort of kings engraved on the cannons of his armies.
Compare with in vitro and in vivo.
Servus servorum Dei "Servant of the servants of God" a title for the Pope.Or, a case that everybody reads about when they are in law school."begone!" Publius Terent, Formio I, 4, 203.When commercial airlines have an airplane accident that can only be caused by negligence, it is assumed.State of North Carolina.Caeteris paribus "Other things being equal." Canes pugnaces "means War Dogs or Fighting Dogs.A fifth column, a group of people within an nation's territory who owe allegiance to some other leader.I'm Robin and today we're going to talk about the Latin phrase res ipsa loquitur.