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One member from each team will come stand in front of you.
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More advanced classes can have cards that ask about the proper clothing that would be worn in certain types of weather, or the accessories that may be needed. Please be sure check out all of their links.For example, if you get the flash card for 'rainy you can act out putting on boots, opening an umbrella, and getting wet from the rain.Cold Weather, snow, snowy, ice, icy, blizzard. After viewing an ESL PowerPoint presentation, click on the Back button on the toolbar to return to this page.Hail, snowflake, temperature, hot, warm, cold, cool.Instead of calling numbers, as with traditional bingo, there are two ways to play this game.If they guess correctly, their team gets the point!One of my reasons for starting m was to give myself and other teachers a new resource from which to get materials.
Having taught ESL to children in Japan for over ten years, I know how important it is to have a good selection of resources.
First, you can call out and show a flash card, and students will see if they have the corresponding picture on their bingo card.
ESL Photo Story: What's the Emergency?
Each unit includes free printable worksheets and activity pages for ESL students of various levels.Having the words sorted into categories makes the lessons more organized and easy to follow.Bingo sheets, mazes, gap-fills, you name it, it's there.Remember, some students may not have experienced all of these types of weather, so make sure to emphasize the weather and temperature vocabulary words associated with each individual season.Variety is key, and that's why you can never have enough flash cards, worksheets and games to choose from.ESL KidStuff: Behind-the-scenes, on your first visit to ESL KidStuff, you are greeted with a snazzy looking site, offering lists of games, teaching tips, ESL articles, and some nice song sheets among other things.It is wise to teach these words one category at a time, so students do not have a large amount of new vocabulary thrown at them all at once. Copyright by Christina.It is helpful to have the pictures on a poster, chart, or even just posted on the wall.You are here: Home, beginner.If a letter is guessed which is not in the word, draw a part of the man being hanged.View pictures of the Capitol building, the Supreme Court, and the White sistema ruleta megastar House visit Arlington National Cemetery learn about presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Kennedy read a chart about America's wars Catalina Island quien canta la cancion poker face ESL Tour: Visit this beautiful California island and see pictures of boats.

The students will have to recall and call out the vocabulary words as they guess which one you are trying to act out.