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Koz rides up on a Divvy bike, the images are going on the towers, she has a snack size bag of Classic Lay's potato chips that she crumples.
Tuesday.30.18 at 1:20PM: Whip is at the Arts Club of Chicago at the Garden Project.
Monday.1.18 at 9:20AM: A sprinkler hitting a sidewalk and blackjack game linux a window.
She puts 12 quarters into the Mold-a-Rama machine.She puts in 12 quarters into the Mold-a-Rama machine.She's enjoying a salad and a Bulldog IPA.Bingo Seats: 540, restaurants: 4, games, bingo.Black Jack, caribean Stud, craps, let It Ride, pai Gow.He opens a bag with with a tuna sandwich while listening to the Playhead at Dawn exhibition.He pulls out a sling chair and sits.
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She inserts 12 quarters into the machine, the machine starts working and creates an orange cockatoo and Melissa opens the door.
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Friday.5.18 at 4:20PM: Jennifer Roberts is dancing and splashing in the water at the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park with an umbrella and shares that umbrella with Koz when he rides up on a Divvy bike.Wednesday.26.18 at 4:20PM: Buckingham Fountain Wednesday.26.18 at 1:20PM: Getting pushed into the pool with your clothes on and getting out Wednesday.26.18 at 11:20AM: Classic Sprinklers that go one way then really fast the other way Wednesday.26.18 at 9:20AM: A Blackhawks players.Thursday.25.18 at 1:20PM: Whip at Daley Plaza near the Picasso Sculpture.Tuesday.23.18 at 11:20AM: The Big Karwowski and Eric rowing ashore on Lake Michigan on a dingy and when they get ashore they are opening up a steel gate.Monday.15.18 at 11:20AM: Reese is alone at Brookfield Zoo near the Roosevelt Fountain dropping coins into a Mold-a-Rama machine waiting as the animal is created enjoying a Bulldog IPA beer Monday.15.18 at 9:20AM: Reese is on deck next to Frosty Treats.Thursday.25.18 at 11:20AM: The Deadliest Catch Thursday.25.18 at 9:20AM: Eric is at Navy Pier.He opens up his bag chair, sits down and he opens up a bag with tuna sandwich while listening to the Playhead at Dawn exhibit.If you are looking to make a custom order, be sure to check out our technical page for front countershaft and rear sprocket conversions, gear ratios, and bolt measuring instructions in order to help us get you the right parts for your needs).Guesses: Monday.8.18 AT 7:20am: Jennifer Roberts splashing in the Crown Fountain at Millennium Park, like a mermaid.Wednesday.17.18 at 4:20PM: Melissa is at the Brookfield zoo at the Great Bear Mall.Tuesday.23.18 at 4:20PM: Mel D opening a gate near the Columbia Yacht Club and then feeding birds.Thursday.4.18 at 1:20PM: Koz at the Crown Fountain taking pictures of the screen with the people coming out, when a Divvy bicyclist rides by holding an umbrella and goes under the water shooting form the fountain.

Thursday.4.18 at 7:20AM: Jennifer Roberts is walking through the Crown Plaza Fountain enjoying a lovely Koz rides up on a Divvy.
She puts in 3 in quarters into the Mold-a-Rama machine.
Monday.29.18 at 1:20PM: Whip is at Arts Club of Chicago Garden Project on Sinclair Street where he opens up a chair and the lid to his Dunkin Donuts coffee while listening to the Playhead of Dawn.