Did you bolt the door?
Echa esa camisa a la ropa sucia put that shirt in with the dirty laundry, put that shirt out for the wash echa más leña al fuego put some more wood on the fire qué te echaron los Reyes?
Salió al balcón a echar un cigarrillo he went out onto the balcony for a smoke o cigarette echar una multa a algn to fine sb, give sb a fine polvo 5 vistazo 14) tiempo hay que echarle muchas horas it takes a long time.la suerte está echada the die is cast.( colloq ) chispa 2 ( chispa (2) F (producir) 1 hojas to sprout la planta ya está echando flores the plant is already flowering 2 dientes to cut estás echando barriga ( fam you're getting a bit of a tummy ( colloq ) Sentido.echar a andar implement, leg.echar una meada take a leak, have a leak.echar un tupido velo descargar gratis generador de cartones de bingo sobre draw a veil over.echar sal en la herida add salt to injury, add salt to the wound, add insult to injury, rub salt in the wound.echar toda la carne en el asador put all (of) Posesivo eggs in one basket, shoot (for) the moon, go for broke.
Tenía que echar de comer a los cerdos he had to feed the pigs tengo que echarles de comer a los niños ( fam hum I have to feed the children, I have to get the children's dinner ( o lunch etc ) lo que.
How much do you think?
écharsele a Uno el día encima make hay while the sun shines.
Te echo más salsa?
echar a Alguien de un Lugar send Nombre on Posesivo way.Have you put any salt in the rice?echar a volar take flight.Ex: Once the fronds have given off their spores, they die and can be cut back.Thrown échame la pelota throw me the ball.echar a suerte draw lots.Ex: Justin pointed out that the government would not compromise and those found protecting illegal immigrants would be given the sack.echar vino pour wine.(jugar) to play / to have echamos una partida de ajedrez?Given me has echado demasiado, no creo que pueda comérmelo you've given me too much I don't think I can eat it all mi padre me ha echado un sermón my father gave me a lecture.

How many sugars do you take in your coffee?